Bernadette Samson

A stage performer who's a little too good at magic tricks.



As you are unmourned by the father…
…your shame will be as beaten as the hooves…
…but as destiny grows weary of your follies…
…at last you give yourself up to the pyres…
…and she will mourn you all of her days.





General Talents:

  • Governor’s Gift
  • Powerful Impression
  • Great Fate
  • Hell of an Entrance


  • Bewitch (5)
  • Scrutiny (4)
  • Thrown Weapons (5)
  • Carouse (1)
  • Enchanting (5)
  • Sorcery (3)
  • Prestidigitation (3)
  • Evade (1)
  • Notice (2)
  • Convince (3)
  • Deceive (2)

Physical Aspects:

  • Might: -3
  • Grace: +3
  • Speed: 0
  • Resilience: 0

Mental Aspects:

  • Intellect: +1
  • Charm: +2
  • Cunning: +1
  • Tenacity: -1

Derived Aspects:

  • Defense: 3
  • Walk: 4
  • Wounds: 4
  • Willpower: 1
  • Charge: 4
  • Height: 2

Born and raised in Malifaux as the daughter of soulstone miners, Bernadette Samson’s penchant for magic was a dangerous development in an already dangerous life. Her father died shortly after she was born, leaving her mother to caution her about the risks of using her illegal skills out in the open.

Bernadette’s mother died when the girl was about 15, leaving her homeless and without support…but with an uncanny talent for magic tricks. Bernadette used these “tricks” to start out as a street performer, gaining script, slight notoriety, and more than a few suspicious investigations by the Guild. Throwing some “mistakes” into her act every now and then seemed to alleviate the suspicions, but Bernadette couldn’t perform on the streets forever—especially the streets of Malifaux, which was hazardous enough without the Guild prowling around.

Over the years, Bernadette finally moved her way up from the streets to slightly more respectable venues, such as the Faded Rose and eventually The Sultry Saloon. She worked out a deal with Murphy and now is the premier performer of the establishment…if you don’t count the escorts, of course.

Bernadette Samson

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