The Cost of Doing Business - A Through the Breach Campaign

Episode 2

As the Echoes of your Laughter Die

The entertainment tonight at the saloon is a travelling comedian by the name of Clayton Biggles. He isn’t a bad act! In fact, he has packed the house for the first time in months and the 20 percent cut he asks for from bar tabs and escort fees seems worth the cost. The tips are good, the gambling is going well, and the opening house act is getting some recognition. After his set, Clayton mingles with the audience for a bit and then approaches the bar to settle up with Murphy.

Biggles informs the group that he is owed money by the proprietor of The Faded Rose, Allen “Lefty” McGuinness. If the group agrees to get his money for him, Biggles tells them that he will provide them information about who he suspects of trying to frame them for necromancy. The group agrees to help him in exchange for this information and Murphy, Django, and Tallis agree to go get his money for him. Bernadette Samson stays to watch the saloon and further question Biggles.

Bernadette doesn’t learn anything new from Biggles except that he lost his leg in a mining accident shortly after coming breachside to Malifaux. He also cautions her to stay away from The Star theater.

The rest of the group discovers that Allen “Lefty” McGuinness has been keeping Rotten Belles in his basement to use as cheap entertainment for clients. The group ends up executing McGuinness and opens his safe. They discover a small sum of money and a soulstone. The group takes everything and comes back to The Sultry Saloon to make Clayton Biggles make good on his promise.

After some coercion from Murphy, Biggles tells the group that Colette Du Bois may be behind the framing. He says he overheard her discussing the saloon in very suspicious and hushed tones after one of his performances. The group also gets him to agree to repeat performances at The Sultry Saloon at a somewhat discounted rate.


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