The Cost of Doing Business - A Through the Breach Campaign

Episode 4

Your Shame Will Be as Beaten as the Hooves

It’s Bernadette‘s first performance at The Star Theater. Tallis attends the show, still pretending to be Bernadette’s agent. In her eagerness to impress Colette Du Bois, Bernadette does her magic a little too exuberantly. Colette isn’t happy—she doesn’t want the Guild snooping around and finding out that the theater’s “magic tricks” are real magic. Bernadette promises she’ll tone it down next time and heads up to her room, sending Django to The Sultry Saloon to report back to Murphy under the guise of collecting some of her things to bring back to the theater (Tallis had headed back earlier).

While walking to The Sultry Saloon, Django hears some seriously creepy singing and heard the clopping of little footsteps. He runs back to The Sultry Saloon to tell Tallis and Murphy about it and they head out to investigate. They also get some guardsmen to accompany them.

Outside, they discover some marionettes that are climbing the wall of the Star, heading for Bernadette’s window. A voodoo doll is seen, too, and swipes at Tallis’s leg before hiding under the front steps of the theater entrance.

Bernadette hears the noise as well and then uses her magic against the marionettes. The guardsmen notice the lightning from her Elemental Strike and rush in to bust Colette for using actual magic, with Murphy hot on their heels.

Bernadette runs to get Colette’s help. Colette and Bernadette dispatch the dolls in the building, and Bernadette creates a hooded phantasm as a scapegoat, convincing the guards that she and Colette weren’t responsible for the magic.

Meanwhile, outside, Tallis and Django are trying to stop the Guild from entering the building. Tallis gets a little too in-your-face with the guards and ends up getting arrested and handcuffed to a railing. She then panics and suddenly transforms into a crow and flies away. She hides in a bush a few blocks away, naked and unable to run back to the saloon without someone seeing her.

After the fight and placating the guardsmen, Colette gets angry at Bernadette for using her magic and drawing attention to her business. She fires Bernadette because she is too big of a risk, shattering Bernadette’s dream of performing at the Star.

When Murphy and Bernadette head back out with the guards, everyone (except Django) is stunned to see that Tallis is missing from her handcuffs. Baffled, they head back to the Sultry Saloon, and Tallis pops out of a bush wailing about being attacked and abducted. This convinces the guards that she’s innocent, and the group continues to the saloon.

There they discover that there is a letter saying that the Ortegas will meet up with them the next day. Tallis and Django keep their mouths shut about Tallis’s new ability, which pisses off Murphy.


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