The Cost of Doing Business - A Through the Breach Campaign

Episode 3

The Name You Cannot Speak

Tallis has a dream in which her family (who are all dead) ask her to come join them. She then believes she wakes from this dream only to discover a strange figure in her room who she recognizes and says that she should really join her family. The figure then turns into a nightmarish version of her mother and tries to bite her face off. She wakes up at that moment to find her bed sheets stained with blood from the bloody tears the nightmare version of her mother was crying. Tallis asks the group to come help her investigate the room and Bernadette touches the blood and notices that it burns her skin. When asked who the figure is, Tallis finds that she cannot speak, arousing Bernadette’s suspicion of enchantment.

The group asks some of the prostitutes (Violet and Desiree) if they saw anything suspect and also talk to Consueala to see if she noticed anything strange. Desiree says she heard people leaving early this morning and the inn guest log confirms her story.

At a loss of what to do and suspecting a neverborn as the perpetrator, you all consult Gregor Higgins at the Guild offices nearby. Higgins informs you all that he doesn’t believe you were behind the incident at the bar and seems honestly concerned for you about the neverborn issue. Murphy suggests consulting with the Ortega family about the issue, but Higgins cautions against this as they are somewhat “unstable.”

You head back to The Sultry Saloon to ask Consueala Ortega if she’s in contact with her mysterious neverborn-hunting family. She says she’s not “with” them, but that her brother is — and she offers to write to him about your problem in exchange for five script. You agree, hoping that a letter of introduction will be more appealing to the Ortegas than showing up on their doorstep with nothing but a bloody sheet.

With nothing else to be done, Bernadette heads to The Star Theater (despite Clayton‘s warning to her) with Tallis posing as her agent and Django posing as her manservant, under the guise that Murphy fired the three of them in light of the neverborn drama and the Guild’s interest in Bernadette’s magic.


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