Gregor Higgins

An agent of God and the Guild


A middle aged man of average build. He wears a pilgrim’s hat and a priests collar. He also carries a rather nasty looking crossbow.


Higgins was tipped off by an anonymous source that there was suspected necromancy occuring at your establishment. Whoever tipped him off obviously was setting you up. Fortunately for all of you, their plan failed and it seems that Higgins knows you were being set up as well. Nevertheless, he has instituted regular patrols by guardsmen near your establishment.

Higgins was a doppleganger and also impersonated Clayton Biggles. Higgins was killed as his plan to use Django to resurrect a rogue necromancy backfired. He and a guard named Susan were killed. Your crew will now be wanted for murder.

Gregor Higgins

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